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Today's workers demand more control over their communications than ever before. They also need tools that facilitate productive work, whether they're in the office, working from home, or on the road.  comm.land brings all of an end user's communication channels, including chat, phone, conferencing, and fax, into a user portal built for the modern workplace.

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comm.land gives end users all of their personalized communication channels in a single UI organized into workspaces. Add to that comm.land's ability to be deployed as a desktop application or within a web browser, comm.land gives users the freedom and flexibility to stay connected and be productive no matter where they are

The Phone Workspace houses all of a user's telephony features and is organized into three pages: Call History, Voicemail, and Parked Calls.

  • Embedded webphone as a consistent feature across all pages

  • Display of all inbound and outbound calls with search, sort, and filter features and one-click callback

  • Voicemail box with caller details, playback, and voicemail transcription

  • Realtime view of all parked calls on a user's account with one-click answer feature

The Chat Workspace is the user's one-stop shop for quick collaboration with all the features they're familiar with.

  • For larger groups, create public and/or private channels to have a single site for quick conversations

  • Need a one-on-one chat? Users can direct message another user(s) on their account

  • What's chat without the emojis?! Respond and react to other users' chats with a full library of emojis

The Conferences Workspace displays the virtual office of conferences on a user's account and presents multiple points of entry to join a conference.

  • Displays full list of conferences with conference ID and PIN

  • Indicates active conferences and presents user with moderator and attendee(s) avatar and name

  • Join conferences via click-to-join or by entering conference ID

  • Find specific conference quickly within the virtual office via search feature

The Contacts Workspace provides easy access to a user's internal directory of contacts.

  • Displays full list of contacts, including name, avatar, email, and presence indicator

  • Filter through entire directory easily with search functionality

  • Call or email with one-click from within a contact record

  • Import personal contacts via Contacts application

The Faxes Workspace is your virtual fax solution, allowing you to view and send faxes with ease.

  • View list of all faxes with options to search and filter according to sender, date, and length of fax

  • Select to view, download, or delete each fax with expanded window

  • Send faxes directly from within UI using a pop-up modal window

Phone Workspace

Your Work from
Anywhere Tool

Our webphone works like a regular phone — it can dial out, receive calls, and place calls on hold. You can switch between two or more active calls — all while emulating your desk phone’s settings. This means you can place and receive calls on your office number from anywhere. Like video conferencing, it is built into comm.land as a workspace, and it is easily accessible with the click of a button.

Webphone Highlights

All Your Call Features

  • Dialpad with supported company directory to auto-complete numbers or extensions

  • Settings tool to quickly update microphone, speaker, and camera

  • Persistent network status indicator to quickly spot connectivity issues

On-Call Collaboration

  • Toggle between voice and video calls with one click

  • Screenshare capabilities for audio and video calls

Call Parking & Transfers Simplified

  • Park and retrieve audio calls (auto-assign and direct-assign)

  • Transfer audio calls (blind and assist)

Transform your customers' remote collaboration experience with comm.land -- a next-gen desktop app designed to provide the distributed workforce with superior communication and collaboration tools at their fingertips.


Your Remote Team's Favorite Meeting App

Enjoy private, secure, and reliable Videoconferencing within your own network. comm.land has a fully featured video application that is easy to use. Each user can create their own personal meeting room and link so you never have to worry about overlapping conferences or scheduling conflicts.

Videoconferencing Highlights

Intuitive User Controls

  • Mute/unmute mic, Mute/unmute video, screenshare, full screen, change video layout

  • View conference attendees, who has the floor, and switch control over floor of conference

  • Send and view chats from attendees

  • Set microphone, speaker, camera, refresh device list, and check network speed to ensure optimal conferencing experience

Collaborate with Screen Sharing

  • 25+ layout options

  • Include your screen as part of a layout or as the whole screen

  • Let other meeting participants share their screen with one click

Join Conferences From Any Registered Device

  • Use your office phone, desktop, laptop, or mobile device

  • Supports unlimited participants in each meeting room

  • Option to join conference using VoIP connection on computer or phone connection with dial-in information

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