Welcome to comm.land!

comm.land is a completely reimagined UCaaS offering designed and built for today's distributed workforce. This next-gen user portal brings all of a user's personalized communication channels into one intuitive UI. comm.land can now be deployed as a desktop application or within a browser window—ensuring that users can collaborate within their enterprise persona whether they're in the office, at home, or on the road. Add to that comm.land's ability to embed third-party applications within the UI, and you've got an end user portal built for the modern workplace.

With comm.land, you can:  

  • Integrate any third-party application or tool

  • Deploy within a web browser or as a desktop application

  • Host or join a video conference with powerful moderation tools

  • Toggle between voice, video, and screenshare with webphone

    Access call history, parked calls, voicemail and more from within the feature-rich webphone

    Quickly spot connectivity issues with network status indicator

    And so much more!

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