Empowering Today's Distributed Workforce

Today's workers demand more control over their communications than ever before. They also need tools that facilitate productive work, whether they're in the office or working from home. comm.land is a user portal that brings all of the end user’s communication channels, including Videoconferencing, chat, webphone, and fax, into a single UI. Add to that comm.land’s ability to embed third-party applications within the UI, and you’ve got an end user portal built for the modern workplace.

The Phone Workspace houses all of a user's telephony features and is organized into three pages: Call History, Voicemail, and Parked Calls.

  • Embedded webphone as a consistent feature across all pages

  • Display of all inbound and outbound calls with search, sort, and filter features and one-click callback

  • Voicemail box with caller details, playback, and voicemail transcription

  • Realtime view of all parked calls on a user's account with one-click answer feature

The Conferences Workspace displays the virtual office of conferences on a user's account and presents multiple points of entry to join a conference.

  • Displays full list of conferences with conference ID and PIN

  • Indicates active conferences and presents user with moderator and attendee(s) avatar and name

  • Join conferences via click-to-join or by entering conference ID

  • Find specific conference quickly within the virtual office via search feature

The Contacts Workspace provides easy access to a user's internal directory of contacts.

  • Displays full list of contacts, including name, avatar, email, and presence indicator

  • Filter through entire directory easily with search functionality

  • Call or email with one-click from within a contact record

  • Import personal contacts via Contacts application

The Faxes Workspace is your virtual fax solution, allowing you to view and send faxes with ease.

  • View list of all faxes with options to search and filter according to sender, date, and length of fax

  • Select to view, download, or delete each fax with expanded window

  • Send faxes directly from within UI using a pop-up modal window

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